Christian Education

Bible Studies and Adult Education

First Communion

Children & Holy Communion  

Pastor Matt will lead a three week series of classes for children and young people currently attending first or second grade through fourth grade. The decision as to when a child receives First Communion is left to each family. 

Our instruction tells the story of God’s love for Moses and his people during the original Passover. Students will review the Passover meal Jesus shared with the twelve disciples, and the Lord’s gift of bread and wine, His body and blood. 

Students will learn how the sacrament is prepared and received in worship. Students will understand the forgiving love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Each student will be asked to complete a worksheet with their parents.

Sunday School

Welcome to Sunday School – there is a place for everyone!
“A Sunday school teacher changed my life!” Our teachers are prepared to welcome your youngster, teenager and adult on Sunday morning at 9:15 a.m. We will celebrate THE STORY of God’s Holy Word! Our teachers will encourage our students to pray, learn the books of the Bible ---all the while, experiencing God’s unconditional love! If you have not been to Sunday school in a looooooonnnngggg time----give us a try! Students meet in classrooms. Our teens meet in the youth lounge. All adults are welcome to gather with our pastor in the library.

New Beginnings

New to the church? "New Beginnings" is offered every other month. This class is for people wanting to join Community of Christ and people wanting to brush up on the basic teachings of the Lutheran church. 

Topics covered include: what the Lutheran Church teaches about the Bible, what the Lutheran Church teaches about the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion, the history and mission of Community of Christ, and how to become more involved in one of our ministries. 

Please contact the church office to sign up for the next class. 419-877-0607.
Pastor Matt will share a brief summary of our Lutheran confession and Christian faith. We will also share the Community of Christ story and provide a tour of the facility. Call the office if you are interested - 419-877-0607.
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