Property Committee


The responsibilities of the Ministry of Property shall be:

1. Conduct meetings at least bi-monthly at such time and place as determined by the Chairperson (“Monthly Activity
Reports” shall be submitted to the Council Liaison for review)

2. Make annual inspections of all of the church properties and equipment and recommend to the Council needed repairs,
improvements, and replacements

3. Annually review the inventory of all church properties, equipment, and supplies including the acquisition date and approximate value of each item

4. Determine policies regarding the use of the Church properties and equipment as well as an appropriate fee schedule

5. Annually review all service contracts for the organ, piano, sound system, office machines and computers, and make
recommendations to the Council

6. Supervise the work of the Custodian and provide input for an annual review and evaluation of work

7. Maintain financial responsibility of budget expenditure accounts as assigned by the Council


As Needed
1. Carry out all resolutions of the congregation and the Council on purchases, repairs, and replacement of church property
and equipment

2. Obtain bids following the policies established by the Ministry of Finance for the obtaining of bids for work and equipment

3. Enlist special work crews for special repairs, improvements, cleaning, painting, decorating, landscaping, and other projects

4. Arrange for repairs of an urgent nature