Stewardship Committee

Co-chairs are Kevin Swagler and Tina Baden

The stewardship committee first met in September 2022. Stewardship is giving of our time, talent, and treasure for the community and making Jesus known. Examples of stewardship are providing funds for the roasters and dishwasher at Salem, giving to the Daily Bread, the works of the visitation committee, visiting shut ins, and providing meals to the ill. Our mission statement for Community of Christ is “In response to what God has done for us through Christ Jesus, our mission is to help members mature in Christ as responsible stewards by promoting and encouraging joyful giving of our time, talents, and treasure.”

Our goals are to generate excitement in the church and to continue telling the broad story! We brought back signing of the covenant. We asked members of the church and leaders of committees to do Temple Talks. We are designing a user-friendly website through Unify Marketing. We are working with the 50th anniversary committee in plans for the 50th anniversary of Community of Christ in 2024. We look at our existing funds, the building and general funds, and will help in nurturing the overall budget.